Brexit Britain set to beat Eurozone in economic surge, says IMF

Brexit Britain is set to out-grow the Eurozone in 2021 and 2022 according to new forecasts from the International Monetary Fund, putting yet another crimp into the doom and gloom fantasies of embittered pro-EU activists across Britain.

The IMF’s latest World Economic Outlook sees the UK economy surging by 7% this year as the UK booms out of the pandemic with a powerful vaccine-driven recovery – with the UK now second only to Canada in terms of first-dose coverage among advanced nations, as 68.7% of Brits have had at least one dose of coronavirus vaccine.

That’s way up from the 5.3% annual growth rate predicted by the IMF back in April, with the group’s chief economist Gita Gopinath saying that “there was greater adaptability to those restrictions and we saw economic activity coming back somewhat stronger than we expected”. Gopinath also hailed the fact that “UK vaccines are going very strongly”.

By contrast the Eurozone is forecast to grow by just 4.6% this year and 4.3% next year – lower than the 4.5% economic growth predicted for Brexit Britain in 2022.

It’s yet more good news for the British economy, rubbishing yet again the predictions of unavoidable economic misery that the nation’s political and cultural elites insisted would befall us if we dared to vote for independence from the EU in 2016.

This website reported on Monday how car manufacturing giant Nissan was creating 400 new jobs in Sunderland, highlighting another vote of confidence in our country, and we also reported at the weekend how a major new industrial survey from the CBI had shown UK manufacturing surging at its fastest pace on record.

“Record growth in manufacturing output volumes is further evidence that UK industry is reawakening following the economic ravages of the pandemic” said CBI Chief Economist Rain Newton-Smith.

“Demand is rising rapidly, leading businesses to hire more staff and plan further investment in plant & machinery and training. Encouragingly, manufacturers expect further record output growth in the coming quarter.”