Bring in Tony Abbott to solve migrant crisis, says Farage

Brexit icon and former Reform UK leader Nigel Farage has called on the government to bring in former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott to sort out Britain’s growing migrant crisis, in new comments published by the firebrand populist in a column for the Daily Telegraph.

“One way that Johnson might see off a potential dent in his popularity would be to turn to the former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, who is already on the books as a government adviser on trade” said Farage, highlighting the risk to the government’s popularity if things continue the way they’re going.

The governing Tories have now come first in 127 consecutive national opinion polls, but their lead tightened in new surveys released this weekend as the country saw a massive influx across the Channel over the recent July heatwave.

On the 19th of July alone, a shocking 430 unvetted illegal migrants flooded into the country, with Priti Patel reportedly reading the riot act to her Channel commander over the shocking figures.

“Abbott showed true steel when his own country faced a similar situation in 2012 by returning illegal vessels to Indonesia” said Farage. “If Johnson has any sense, he will call Abbott into Number 10 Downing Street immediately and give him an active role in dealing with this crisis.

Abbott won worldwide plaudits for his deft handling of the illegal immigration crisis into Australia, turning boats around at sea so migrants could not step onto Australian land to lodge bogus asylum claims.

The campaign was fronted by the hard hitting slogan “no way. You will not make Australia home.” It also featured no nonsense video broadcasts of Australia’s commander of Operation Sovereign Borders, Angus Campbell, telling would-be illegals that they will not successfully make a home in the country if they travel into the country without a visa.

“Do not believe the lies of people smugglers” he said. “These criminals will steal your money and place your life – and the life of your family – at risk. For nothing.”