Diane Abbott blasts Keir Starmer over Labour staffing row

Former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has blasted Labour boss Sir Keir Starmer today over recent reports of mass redundancies at Labour HQ, along with allegations of so-called “fire and rehire” plans that could supposedly see new staff brought in on temporary contracts.

This website reported last week that the cash-strapped Labour party had seen its coffers depleted to such an extent that 90 jobs at Labour HQ were supposedly at risk, with staff reportedly being offered redundancy in a bid to shore up cash reserves.

It was later reported that the party was looking to hire new workers on six month contracts, with requirements that they supply their own laptops and anti-virus software, with one top Labour politician saying: “Sacking individuals and hiring others with worse wages, terms and conditions are the actions of the worst of the very worst employers.”

Now Ms Abbott has launched a scathing attack on Labour boss Starmer for the move in response to a tweet claiming that Labour was “launching a campaign to make Britain the best place to work.”

“So Keir will make Britain the best place to work – unless you work for Labour” said Ms Abbott. “He has made 90 staff redundant. But is also recruiting workers on insecure temporary contracts with worse employment conditions”.

Some have backed Ms Abbott while others have mocked her, with one social media user saying: “Diane Abbott has publicly attacked Keir Starmer for stripping-out Labour Party managers. Maybe Keir is better at Maths…”

The comment likely refers to a string of number-related gaffes committed by Ms Abbott over the years, including a notorious clip where she stumbled badly over the costs of Labour police funding plans.

Others questioned the decision for Abbott to come out against Starmer given potential Tory disunity over coronavirus policy, with one user saying: “Fantastic. Tories are at risk of division over Vaccine Passports so Diane Abbott, fearing the lack of focus on Labour, tries to kick off a Labour Civil War.”