Farage to the rescue: Brexit icon’s new show beating Sky and BBC

Brexit icon Nigel Farage’s new show for GB News beat both Sky News and BBC News in the television ratings last night after consistently topping the numbers drawn by Sky News during its first week on the air.

Farage’s debut on the station as a host last week was seen by some as a corrective measure after an on-air stunt by presenter Guto Harri, in which he took the knee during a debate on racism in football, annoyed members of the network’s core audience.

Farage’s GB News show drew nearly 91 thousand viewers last night while Sky News drew just over 55 thousand and the BBC drew just over 89 thousand.

He’s won plaudits from viewers for his hard hitting political takes and fearless reporting on key issues, like the migration crisis in the Channel, which are unlike anything offered up on competitor channels.

On his first show he took aim squarely at the government’s recent record of woeful failure in the Channel, saying: “Already, by mid-July, we’re at a position where the numbers that have arrived are as big as last year.

“I predicted a few weeks ago that I thought the total number would be 20,000. I’m beginning to think that may be an underestimate because the size of some of the boats that are coming is radically different.”

Later in the week he followed up his comments with an explosive on air argument with French MP for Calais Pierre-Henri Dumont.

The on-screen debate came just days after it was revealed that the British government was bunging an additional £54m to the French in a mad bid to stem the flow of illegal migrants.

“Clearly your navy actually is going to continue, say ‘thank you very much for the £54m’, is going to continue to escort vessels into British waters. What if we just tow the boats back to Calais – how would you feel about that?” he asked in a typically blunt exchange.