Anti-Jewish London violence increased four-fold amid loony left Israel rants

Shocking new data from the Metropolitan Police has revealed how incidents of violence against Jewish people in the capital increased four times over in May as tensions between Israel and Palestine escalated.

87 incidents of violence were recorded in the month of May – substantially more than any other month in the last three years, when the number of monthly incidents ranged anywhere between seven and 22.

That means that violence against Jewish people in May this year was nearly four times worse than the next worst month in recent years – and more than twelve times as bad as the most peaceful month.

Chaim Hochhauser of the Stamford Hill Shomrim said: “During May, the Jewish community in Hackney were the target of many racially motivated attacks.

“One of these hate crimes saw targeted over 30 Jewish-owned vehicles whose tyres were slashed, this was pure hate crime as only the Jewish cars were targeted.”

Local rabbi Herschel Gluck called for more to be done to protect the community. “There needs to be better security provided by the police, particularly for women in the neighbourhood” he said – with 43 of the incidents on record having targeted women.

This website covered some of the truly deplorable anti-Semitic incidents that occurred during the month of May as loony left rants against Israel and its people intensified in public discourse.

A senior rabbi in Essex was hospitalised by thugs in Chigwell close to his own synagogue, with two men subsequently being arrested in connection with the attack.

One of the more shocking scenes that went viral was of a pro-Palestine car convoy driving through the heart of Britain’s Jewish community, with one lowlife on a megaphone saying: “fuck the Jews, rape their daughters”.

It later emerged that the four men arrested in connection with that incident had been arrested in Manchester also, in connection with an attack in Salford that local cops claim “appears to be religiously or racially aggravated”.