Le Pen fury over migrant camp in the heart of Paris

Firebrand French nationalist and National Rally leader Marine Le Pen has taken to social media today to lament a new migrant camp at the Place des Vosges in the heart of Paris.

The historic site is the oldest planned square in the French capital and stands as a symbol of Enlightenment-era opulence, but now finds itself hosting a slew of migrants who have pitched up tents and intend to live on its once well manicured lawns.

“Installation of illegals at the Place des Vosges in Paris: how long will this circus last?” asked a furious Le Pen. “What state worthy of the name can accept that its laws are trampled on without reacting?”

Le Pen was voicing the concerns of many French voters with her tweet, with many citizens replying to her comment in agreement.

“As long as the government does not take back control of our borders, it will only get worse” warned one user while another asked: “The question is who bought the tents and with what money!!!”

The footage depicts a great number of migrants setting up numerous almost identical tents on the grass of the square, with the only difference appearing to be the colour of the fabric.

Others took dark glee in the fact that the fruits of illegal immigration were being felt in an upmarket neighbourhood, instead of being foisted on working people as is usually the case: “Perfect! The rich and privileged neighborhoods need to benefit a little…”

Growing unrest about illegal immigration into France could pose a problem for President Emmanuel Macron, who is hoping to be re-elected to office in next year’s national elections.

This website reported at the weekend on chaotic anti-Macron protests on the streets, with street activists increasingly upset about Macron’s plans for a so-called sanitary passport.

It could compound existing headaches for Macron, who faces a tough election showdown with Ms Le Pen – with polls earlier this year showing his 2017 opponent now coming within just two points of the coveted French presidency.