Man knifed by Afghan migrants trying to protect girlfriend from being sexually assaulted

Police in Rennes, northwestern France, have detained two migrants from Afghanistan after a man was stabbed trying to protect his girlfriend from being sexually assaulted by the two thugs.

The incident occurred at around midnight on Friday 10 July. According to the victim’s account, he was accompanying his ex-girlfriend in the city centre. They encountered the two men at Charles de Gaulle train station. The Frenchman took a stand when the woman was touched on the buttocks and received a blade to the back by the aggressors.  

He bravely gave chase to the fleeing attackers but quickly realised he was “losing blood,” prosecutor Philippe Astruc told regional newspaper, Ouest-France. He later lost consciousness and was rushed to hospital where doctors were able to stop the bleeding. The victim is reported to have sustained damage to his kidneys. He returned to work a week later.

Ouest-France were informed this week that “the two accused, aged 19 and 25, born in Afghanistan, were arrested and placed in police custody on July 20.” They have been remanded in custody. A court date is set for 20 September. The two men are charged with an act of violence with a weapon and sexual assault.

This is just the latest knife incident to have hit France in recent months. In May, a member of staff at a police station outside Nantes, also in northwest France, was stabbed and killed. The murderer was arrested after stealing a handgun and shooting two coppers. It later emerged he was radicalised by jihadists in prison.  

More recent knife attacks have involved migrants. On 11 July an Afghan male was bladed a dozen times by a 20-year-old Algerian in Limoges. The victim, 28, died of his injuries in hospital. The next day in Calais, a 20-year-old Egyptian man was “slashed” just below the neck and in the right forearm by a compatriot. The two had been arguing over a woman.

“The situation had been tense for several days and it ended with this aggression,” said the magistrate.