Pro-Meghan US cartoon depicts Prince George as a camp, malicious diva who calls the Queen a “bad b****”

US television and streaming network HBO has released a hideous adult cartoon called The Prince, centered around Prince George, who is depicted as camp, vicious and in possession of an American accent.

The character is an obvious copy of Stewie Griffin, the megalomaniacal baby in long-running cartoon Family Guy, also aimed at older teenagers and adults, that prides itself on causing offence.

The two shows are linked through Gary Janetti, The Prince’s creator and a Family Guy writer – he also scripted nineties sitcom Will & Grace which also dealt out plenty of camp prancing for little laughter in return.

“He’s petty and insecure and he’s vulnerable, and also nasty and sarcastic and all of these things,” said Janetti, of his George character, who he voices in the cartoon.

“It’s never meant to be anything other than to give a laugh and be silly and funny. It’s never meant to be anything that’s mean. It’s all about George’s insane take on the world and his wanting to be a star.”

Judging by the boreish trailer, Janetti’s latest project will fail to deliver laughs and is not in the least bit “silly and funny”. Unsurprisingly, it has triggered a scathing reaction, not just in the UK, even the wokes are taking umbrage.

“Prince George is a child – with his whole life ahead of him. Parodying him to take the piss out of him isn’t funny,” tweeted Shola Mos-Shogbamimu, who recently lost her rag with the British press for putting England captain Harry Kane on the front pages after England’s historic win over Germany instead of Raheem Stirling.

She added: “You’ve made him a regurgitated Stewie from Family guy. Unoriginal He & his friends will see #ThePrince. A child won’t understand why you’re making fun of him.”

A pro-Sussexes American social media account gave a fiery response tweeting: “Gary Janetti’s ‘satirical’ posts using Prince George’s photos earned him an HBO Max series. We condemned the posts, using a child’s images, especially as he started directing them at Meghan. Others excused Janetti’s posts as ‘satire.’ Well, now there’s ‘The Prince’ series.”

The cartoon clearly positions Meghan as the only sane and moral person in the royal family – possibly a move by Janetti to curry favour with the culture cancellers he’s offended in the past for aiming jokes at the American Duchess. The comic writer has moved his Instagram characterisation of Prince George, who he has for years depicted as a vengeful psychopath out to get Meghan (see below), to the small screen.

In the trailer, George’s character says, “Do you have any tea that doesn’t taste of piss?” and later on calls the queen a “bad b****.” The Queen is shown in one clip counting a fat wad of cash in an envelope. Prince William is depicted as entitled and dull, Harry is thick (nearer to the truth there perhaps). Charles lacks any gumption as he pines after the throne. The jokes we are all familiar with are too old, the rest are just rubbish.

A typical Janetti Instagram post featuring Prince George.

The Times has jumped on the story. Comments from readers give a clear indication of how the bad taste show will be received.

“The children should be off limits,” uttered one reader, one cry among many. “Children of leaders and politicians have no choice to whom they are born. When their father was President the Obama girls were left well alone, as was Trump’s minor child. This is as it should be.”

Another commented: “If it’s anything like Janetti’s cartoon on his Instagram he portrays George as gay. Personally I think mocking and satirizing children should be off limits, never mind assigning a sexual orientation to a child.”

A third wrote: “Ye Gods, have the Americans nothing else to do? I suppose as they watch their country collapse in violent anarchy, it makes a relief to parody ours.”

“Easy to poke fun at anyone then claim, ‘ah yes, but it’s done with affection, so that’s ok’ It all sounds gratuitously nasty to me. The Royal grown-ups will suck it up, I don’t see why suddenly famous children are fair game,” commented a fourth individual.

And there’s a lot more where that came from.