Teacher fired for standing against woke nomination of trans head girl

A comprehensive school in Surrey has sacked a respected teacher for obstructing a trans student’s pathway to becoming head girl. 

The Telegraph reports Ash Manor School in Surrey fired Susan Field for gross misconduct after the French teacher had ranked bottom “Pupil I”, as the child is known, in order to undermine her chance of becoming head girl.

The disciplinary panel said it was also concerned “that Ms Field had allowed” Pupil I to be labelled by peers as “disgusting” for identifying as the opposite gender.

Evidence of Field, whose teaching career spans 35-years, being anti-trans goes no further than that, her deliberate actions to thwart the student’s passage to head girl were expressed on the grounds she was neither “representative” nor “appropriate” rather than transphobic.

Judging by the attitudes of other children towards the trans student, these statements are correct. Tradition dictates a head boy or girl should excel academically and in sporting pursuits while also being popular with fellow students. This is not the picture that has emerged of Pupil I.

During a 15 minute chat in 2019, pupils used “hostile and derogatory language”, including the word, disgusting. Field’s decision not to challenge these comments buttressed the case against her. Her conduct was deemed “not appropriate for a member of the LGBTQI to represent Ash Manor School”.

The panel ruled that Field was guilty of making “inappropriate and transphobic” comments in attempting to scupper Pupil I’s chances of becoming head girl, who she once described as the “least representative student” for the position.

She admitted telling 11-12 year-old-pupils “that kind of thing”, namely having a biologoical male serve as head girl, should not be permitted.

Field told the panel she felt that “children as young as 11 years old might be confused or uncomfortable with having Pupil I as a role model”.

Her primary act towards the trans student’s was to deliberately scupper her election campaign for the senior leadership team. “The reason why she was going to rank Pupil I last was because she considered that Pupil I was not representative of the student body”.

The panel’s chair said: “There were numerous examples that a number of derogatory or hurtful remarks had been made by pupils against Pupil I based on Pupil I being transgender during the tutor group conversation.

“The panel found it concerning that Ms Field had allowed such hostile and derogatory language to be used and had not challenged it during the discussion.

“Ms Field admitted that at no stage during the discussion did she interject to admonish pupils for making derogatory comments.”

Field said she “deeply regret[s]” sharing her views about the student’s appropriates for the role, adding: “It was not professional. I realise that now and regret the whole thing. At that point in time, my comment didn’t show respect.”

Alan Meyrick, the chief executive of the Teaching Regulation Agency has declined to ban Field from teaching and commended her for showing “clear and genuine remorse for her actions”.

But with education unions stuffed with radical woke lefties, what chance does she have of reviving her career.