Border Force bought takeaway pizza for illegals amid “serious risk of unrest”

New reports from The Times have revealed how UK Border Force agents felt compelled to buy hot takeaway pizza for illegal immigrants because the long wait times for processing, caused by surging migrant numbers, left the illegals unable to be satiated by their usual handout of biscuits and crisps.

One Border Force source told the paper that there was “a serious risk of unrest” among migrants arriving in the country, adding that “when they can’t be fed because they’ve got to be Covid tested, they start to get very restless.”

Many migrants apparently hadn’t eaten for 24 hours prior to being Covid-tested, because of their failure to feed themselves prior to setting off by small boat from France, meaning that agents of the British state felt compelled to feed the appetites of those illegally entering our country.

The fast food treat came after 430 illegals flooded into the country in a single day, overwhelming capacity at Tug Haven and forcing officials to begin registering migrants in car parks instead.

The bizarre news emerged just a week after it was reported that furious Home Secretary Priti Patel had called in the Channel commander over the shambolic situation to read him the riot act.

And it comes a month and a half after it was reported that a frustrated Prime Minister Boris Johnson had exclaimed in a meeting: “What the f*** is the Home Office doing? When is she [Patel] going to sort this out?”

“Ordinarily they haven’t eaten before their crossing as they start their crossing in the early hours so they’ve gone eight or nine hours without having eaten by the time they get tested [for Covid]” said a source to the newspaper.

“Some hadn’t eaten for 24 hours. So we were resigned to ordering takeaway pizza on Monday night because we don’t have hot food.”