Cops vow to “promote pronoun awareness” in cringe-inducing woke video

A cringe-inducing new woke video from Merseyside Police shows officers vowing to “promote pronoun awareness” and “encourage colleagues to use gender neutral terms” while waving enormous gay pride flags, in footage that has been widely mocked online.

The two quoted comments come from Detective Chief Inspector of Investigations Helen Bennett and Response and Resolution Constable Emma Burns-Jones, who feature in the short film alongside a whole range of people involved in Liverpool police work making left-wing virtue signalling comments.

“Do your job ffs” responded one member of the public, presumably sick of British police forces jumping onto trendy left-wing campaigns instead of hunting down and catching criminal scum.

The Merseyside Force area recorded 15,516 criminal incidents in May including 6,002 reported violent crimes, more than five hundred reported burglaries, and more than two thousand anti-social behaviour incidents.

There are more than 24,000 incidents of reported violent crime in the first five months of the year alone, suggesting that local cops may have more important things to worry about than parading around with gay pride flags and virtue signalling on Twitter.

“How many Stonewall ‘Star of the Week’ points do you get for this rubbish?” asked another user, while someone else looked at the bizarre footage and asked: “Is this a mental health video?”

“What the hell has pronoun awareness got to do with the police?” asked another astute observer.

Merseyside Police are no strangers to virtue signalling, being raked over the coals earlier this year for a galling banner outside a supermarket claiming that “being offensive is an offence” – before being forced into a humiliating public climbdown.

“A message on an ad van and social media this weekend by the Local Policing Team on the Wirral to encourage people to report hate crime, although well intentioned, was incorrect and we apologise for any confusion this may have caused” said Superintendent Martin Earl.