Five caged after admitting role in Bristol Kill the Bill riot

Four men have been caged for their role in a March riot in the city of Bristol, with a fifth woman also getting five months behind bars for outraging public decency.

Kane Adamson, Brandon Lloyd, Kain Simmonds and Stuart Quinn “pleaded guilty to being part of a group which used or threatened violence outside Bridewell Police Station and together, caused others to fear for their personal safety” according to a report from Avon & Somerset Police, and the four have been sentenced to a combined total of 13 years and 11 months behind bars.

Yasmin Schneider got five months after admitting two counts of outraging public decency, with the force reporting that “she urinated at the feet of one police officer and exposed themselves in front of a number of others.”

Shocking footage released by the force, culled from body cams, CCTV cameras, and mobile phones, reveals some of the shocking scenes that occurred on that night.

“The sustained violence, the likes of which we have not seen in this city or even the country for many years, had absolutely nothing to do with any protest.

“Dozens of people came together and acted as a mob to attack and injure police officers, set fire to police vehicles and damage a neighbourhood police station.

“Kane Adamson, Brandon Lloyd, Kain Simmonds and Stuart Quinn have admitted what they did and taken responsibility for the fear and damage they caused.

“Likewise, Yasmin Schneider, who while not involved in any violence still acted repulsively, has accepted what they did was wrong” said Detective Chief Superintendent Carolyn Belafonte.

“I have read all of the victim personal statements and I found them very moving” said Judge James Patrick. “There were many officers injured and many officers, and their families, who have been greatly affected by the incident. Some officers thought they would die and some officers could not even speak about it to their families.

“Officers were struck, spat on, kicked and punched some whilst defenceless on the ground. It was fortunate some were not more seriously hurt. This lasted from the evening to the very early hours.

“They (the officers) are all public servants and are all human beings. What you did was to dehumanise them.”