More chaos in France as anti-Macron fury intensifies

More shocking footage has emerged of French street protests this weekend as national fury at beleaguered President Macron continues to intensify.

Massive crowds, which appear to be bigger than those that assembled last week, marched on the Bastille in opposition to Macron plans to introduce an extensive vaccine passport scheme that would see unvaccinated French citizens denied access to public facilities like restaurants.

Numbers reached into the thousands, with those in attendance chanting for Emmanuel Macron to resign from his post.

Clashes broke out yet again in the French capital, with police reportedly unable to control the sheer numbers who had taken to the street to protest against the hated French President.

Cops can be seen shoving back at protesters as tear gas is deployed, with one journalist reporting that a member of the press was hit in the head.

In scenes that are now increasingly familiar in Macron’s France, opponents of the regime were cleared out of the Boulevard du Temple after authorities deployed copious amounts of tear gas – appearing to flood the entire street under its heavy smoke, while further up the road a man is pinned to the floor by several officers and cuffed.

In one clip, a group of riot police are seen manoeuvring down a street littered with burning and heavily graffitied bins, with one of the officers eventually tripping over the smouldering debris whereupon his uniform catches alight.

This website reported last weekend on similar scenes of clashes between anti-Macron activists and kitted out French riot cops, with police battering dissidents with tear gas, batons, shields, and high powered water cannons.

France is not the only country to see strong opposition to such plans, with this website reporting earlier this week on chaotic scenes in the Italian parliament, where one MP was chased out of the chamber by parliamentary security before fellow travellers flooded into the bottom of the chamber bearing signs saying “no green pass”.