Somali refugee beheads fellow resident in German homeless shelter

A 21-year-old Somali refugee has been arrested for stabbing and then beheading a 52-year-old German national at a homeless shelter in Regen, Lower Bavaria.

The gruesome attack took place on Monday, with police confirming to German media that the victim died from a large number of stab wounds and is not believed to have been alive at the time of the beheading.

A motive for the murder has not yet been confirmed but it is thought the refugee and the victim knew of each other and had been involved in a dispute at the homeless shelter.

The assailant had already been flagged by authorities in the months prior to the attack, having received a psychological assessment from the local district hospital after several incidents including property crimes and inflicting bodily harm on others, according to a police spokesperson.

The mayor of the south-east German town, Andreas Kroner, slammed authorities for failing to disclose the dangerous nature of the Somalian, telling reporters: “After his first stay in the district hospital, he was just sent back to us without telling us what he had. This is unacceptable to me.”

“You can’t imagine what would have happened, could have happened there,” Kroner added. “It brings back memories of the Würzburg affair,” making reference to another horrific incident in Bavaria earlier this year, in which a crazed Somalian knifeman carried out a terrifying stabbing rampage, killing at least three people and leaving six others wounded.

The Würzburg attacker had no criminal record but had been admitted to a psychiatric hospital twice in recent months – once for refusing to get out of somebody’s car after being given a lift, and later for brandishing a knife in a row with residents and staff at a housing shelter.

In similar fashion to the assailant in this case, he was released and allowed to commit violent atrocities.