Teen beaten and raped by Syrian and Iraqi asylum seekers in Germany

Three young asylum seekers have been arrested in Germany for the alleged assault and gang-rape of a teenage girl, it has emerged.

The attack took place at an apartment in the north-western town of Leer, Lower Saxany last Saturday when the trio, aged 18, 20 and 21 lured the girl back to a flat in the notorious migrant neighbourhood where the attackers all reside, where she was beaten and raped several times, according to initial investigations.

Police arrested the wannabe refugees – two of whom originated from Syria with the third from Iraq – the following morning and were due to appear before magistrates on Wednesday.

“The three men are said to have come to Germany with their families in the first wave of refugees, that was around 2015,” according to BILD journalist Corinna Perrevoort.

Although they were initially released on parole ahead of further court hearings on the proviso that they do not attempt to contact their 16-year-old victim, it is understood that they are now in custody following an appeal from the public prosecutor.

The teenager is said to be in a deeply traumatised state, according to local media.

“She is not doing well, both physically and mentally,” BILD reported. “The public prosecutor speaks of a particularly serious case of rape, in a unit of offense with bodily harm, because the woman was also beaten and mistreated and raped several times. He assumes a sentence of at least two to 15 years.”