Afghan migrant jailed for sexually harassing woman and boy says “didn’t do it on purpose”

An Afghan migrant has twice appeared before a tribunal in Toulouse in the space of a month on charges of sexual harassment.

French regional newspaper, La Depeche reports that the 35-year-old migrant was summoned for an immediate trial on Friday.

He was charged with having sexually harassed a 19-year-old woman, only a few days before, on 6 May, he committed the same disgusting act against a young lad, just twelve years of age.

The Afghan has only been in France for a few months, moving in with his brother upon arrival. He will soon be living in a French jail after receiving a three-year sentence.

Accompanied by his barrister, Jocelyn Momasso Momasso, the harasser made the most astonishing defence to the court. “It wasn’t deliberate, I didn’t do it on purpose,” he said through his translator, bursting into floods of tears.

French courts are getting used to hearing incredible lines of defence. In April, it was ruled an Islamist thug could not be held criminally responsible for throwing his elderly neighbour from her high-rise flat because he was high on dope, although not too high to shout out “Allahu Akbar” and “I killed the Shaitan” as he ended the poor woman’s life.

But more concerning however has been the rapid rise in high profile crimes committed by Afghan migrants across Europe at a time when cross-Channel illegal migration to Britain is skyrocketing, last year’s record number could potentially be tripled this year.

In mid-July, a 20-year-old Afghan pulled out a knife and attacked a man in a bar in Hamburg, Germany. Three witnesses who intervened were also injured in the resulting scuffle.

A few days later in Sweden, a 22-year-old Afghan asylum seeker was sentenced to life for an indiscriminate stabbing spree that seriously injured seven people, three were life-threatening.

Last week, it was revealed a stabbing that had occurred in Rennes on 10 July was at the hands of two Afghan migrants. The victim tried to stand up to the migrants after one of the thugs touched his girlfriend’s buttocks. He gave chase but had to give up due to blood loss, he quickly lost consciousness but survived.

The United Kingdom is by no means unaffacted. A few days ago, a fourth Afghan asylum seeker wanted in Austria for the brutal gang-rape and murder of a 13-year-old schoolgirl was arrested in London.

Days before the rapist was found in Britain, Austria’s interior minister launched a ferocious rant against Brussels for its “failed” asylum system.

“In Austria, we have one of the biggest Afghan communities in the whole of Europe,” complained Karl Nehammer, and blasted Eurocrats for dithering over quotas instead of financing “border security measures in the form of a border fence”.

“That is the completely wrong signal.”