Migrant madness: July breaks record with 3510 monthly boat illegals

At least 3,510 boat illegals flooded into the UK across the English Channel in the month of July, with the UK’s top immigration think tank revealing how numbers have already surpassed the total haul for 2020.

9,416 illegals had come across the Channel as of 26 July, more than the 8,713 migrants who swarmed across in all twelve months of 2020.

Monthly data from 2020 also reveals that numbers continued to grow in August and September last year, suggesting that the UK could be in for even more explosive growth in migrant figures as we reach the height of summer.

Numbers have been surging every month since April, when 746 illegals arrived in the country. In May that number was up to 1,619, rising to 2,179 in June and 3,510 in the first 26 days of July.

3,525 migrants arrived in the first seven months of 2020, which has risen to 9,416 this year across the same period – with numbers not even reflecting the last five days of July 2021.

It marks a 167% increase, which would see the UK take in over 23,000 illegals over the course of 2021 if the same proportional rate of increase persists – the numeric equivalent of twenty military battalions, four brigades, or two army divisions.

The July figures were boosted by a shocking count of 430 illegals arriving in a single day on 19 July, a number so large that traditional registration systems were pushed to breaking point as Border Force officers were forced to register migrants in a local car park.

This website reported at the weekend how the huge surge in figures left migrants waiting hours to be Covid-tested and be registered, with Border Force officials buying hot takeaway pizzas for the illegal entrants amid a “serious risk of unrest”.

“Ordinarily they haven’t eaten before their crossing as they start their crossing in the early hours so they’ve gone eight or nine hours without having eaten by the time they get tested [for Covid]” said a source to the Times newspaper.

“Some hadn’t eaten for 24 hours. So we were resigned to ordering takeaway pizza on Monday night because we don’t have hot food.”