New data: Half of German gang rape suspects are foreigners

Shocking new figures from German’s Bundeskriminalamt, the nation’s Federal Criminal Police Office, have revealed that half of gang rape suspects in the country are foreigners.

The revelations came following a data request from German tabloid newspaper Bild, which shows how two women or girls are gang raped in Germany every day on average – with 704 group rapes being recorded in 2020, 710 being recorded in 2019, and 659 being recorded in 2018.

The paper reports that Afghans are disproportionally represented in the shocking statistics, with the group making up 0.3% of the German population but 6% of gang rape suspects in 2018.

They also suggest that most of the foreigners committing gang rapes in Germany do so while they are still in the process of seeking asylum in the country.

It will renew complaints about the reckless immigration policy of Angela Merkel, who allowed more than a million migrants to enter the country during the European migrant crisis of 2015 and 2016.

The disturbing intel comes one day after this website reported on sickening reports from Germany of three asylum seekers, from Syria and Iraq, being arrested by authorities on suspicion of carrying out the gang rape of a teenage girl.

The attack reportedly took place at an apartment in the north-western town of Leer, Lower Saxany last Saturday when the trio, aged 18, 20 and 21 lured the girl back to a flat in the notorious migrant neighbourhood where the attackers all reside, where she was beaten and raped several times, according to initial investigations.

“She is not doing well, both physically and mentally,” reported the newspaper Bild on the young girl. “The public prosecutor speaks of a particularly serious case of rape, in a unit of offense with bodily harm, because the woman was also beaten and mistreated and raped several times. He assumes a sentence of at least two to 15 years.”

It also comes just a month after a brutal knife rampage in the German city of Würzburg, with the culprit later being identified as one of the million migrants allowed to flood into the country by Chancellor Angela Merkel.