Covid-ridden illegals free to go shopping despite quarantine rules

Shocking new reports from the Daily Telegraph suggest that illegal immigrants being housed in taxpayer-funded hotel rooms are being allowed out and about among the public despite coronavirus quarantine rules – because security guards responsible for policing the rules do not know who is meant to be isolating and who is not.

“They’re out and about all the time on their bikes, they’re out late at night, going down to the shops” said a nearby resident, corroborating other intel. “I would assume that there aren’t very many rules being adhered to there from what I’ve seen.”

One migrant has even told the newspaper that the supposedly destitute illegal entrants been free to leave their cushy hotel lodgings to go out shopping among law-abiding members of the British public.

“If we are sending them to quarantine in hotels and it is being flouted, it makes a mockery of the system and flies in the face of other travellers from red list countries or amber-plus like France. It’s one rule for law-abiding citizens and another rule for others” said Tory MP Tim Loughton.

Migration Watch chairman Alp Mehmet also asked what the point of quarantine rules was “if people who have forced their way into the UK go unchecked and are left to roam about at will.”

It’s just the latest barmy news to come out of the Channel migration crisis, with this website reporting at the weekend how illegals had been bought hot takeaway pizza by Border Force officers amid a “serious risk of unrest” should they be expected to subsist on their allocated rations of crisps and biscuits.

With at least 3,510 illegals flooding into the country in July alone, the chaos is only set to continue as numbers overwhelm settled processes for processing the arrivals. Data from 2020 suggests that numbers may continue to grow into August and September too.