Farage blasts migrant chaos and reveals French vessel entering UK waters

Brexit icon and former Reform UK leader Nigel Farage took to his nightly GB News show last night to reveal shocking new evidence of a French ship entering UK waters for an extended period of time yesterday, suggesting that French naval efforts to escort migrants to the UK may have been extended in the face of an overwhelmed UK Border Force.

It has been common knowledge for months that French vessels are shadowing migrant boats up to British jurisdiction, where they are inevitably picked up by the UK’s so-called Border Force or the RNLI to be ferried into the UK, but yesterday a French warship crossed the line into British waters and remained there for “a fair amount of time.”

The French tactic of offloading migrants onto Britain across the Channel comes despite two huge taxpayer funded bungs to the French government to step up patrols and stop illegal migrant crossings.

“One odd thing that happened today was, the French were escorting boats across the Channel today, and normally they get them to the line…” said Farage. “And yet for some reason a French warship seemed to spend a fair amount of time in British waters today.”

“You can see the map there, you can see the coordinates. I don’t have an explanation for why that boat came right into British waters – but it could be that Border Force were so completely overwhelmed this morning that every vessel they had was out, and perhaps there was no one for the French navy to hand over to at the line so they escorted the boat into British waters.

“Isn’t that nice of them?”

Farage went on to highlight the enormous sums of money being made by criminal people smugglers, whose work is tacitly endorsed by many on the modern left, and the fate of the migrants arriving.

“I honestly wonder where many of these people who come into the UK, no doubt thinking it is the land of milk and honey – and perhaps, to begin with it is. Perhaps being put into a four star hotel, getting three meals a day, getting access to dentists, to doctors, getting £38 a week pocket money to spend. It probably is, for many people, a very good start.

“But in the end I suspect many of them finish up in the illegal economy, effectively working as modern day slaves, and it’s something we hardly ever have a debate about.”