Hundreds of Channel migrants missing after absconding from hotels

As the number of migrants crossing the Channel to reach Britain hits record levels, hundreds of new arrivals have triggered a security risk by absconding from their accommodation, it has emerged.

The numbers flooding into Britain via the Channel has reached unprecedented numbers in recent days as the total figure for 2021 surpassed 10,000, outstripping last year’s record number of arrivals in just seven months.

The Home Office has been block-booking hotels to house the undocumented migrants who are free to come and go as they please, and it has been reported by the Mail on Sunday that the government has lost the trace of hundreds of newcomers who have fled their hotel rooms.

A Government source told the newspaper: “There is growing consternation across Government about how many are coming here – and where they all are going. Nerves are fraying on this.”

After uproar from left-wing lawyers and politicians about the use of ex-military facilities to house the migrants, many of the thousands are now holed up in four-star hotels, including the Crowne Plaza by Heathrow and the Best Western Kensington Olympia, situated in upmarket West London and a stone’s throw from the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s residence.

Migrants, most of whom are adult males, have been absconding from their accommodation for months, with eight illegals fleeing Napier Barracks in Kent last December.

The Home Office has warned those who go AWOL that their asylum applications can be withdrawn.

The department revealed last year that over 37,000 undocumented migrants had gone missing over the past three decades, either skipping bail or fleeing detention centres.

Alp Mehmet, chairman of Migration Watch UK said at the time: “This is a shocking failure. It is ridiculous to intercept those crossing the Channel illegally or after they emerge from the back of lorries, only to turn them loose to disappear into the undergrowth of the shadow economy.”