500 GP practices join scheme to give free healthcare to illegals

The charity Doctors of the World have hailed news that 500 GP surgeries have now signed up to their so-called Safe Surgeries initiative – a scheme that calls on GP practices to drop ID requirements so illegals, among others, can get access to taxpayer funded healthcare.

“This widening gap in health outcomes is driven by the ‘hostile environment’ for migrants which was introduced in 2012 and undermines the core principles of the NHS” complained Dr Hannah Fox of Lawson Road Surgery in Norwich.

Doctors of the World’s Head of Policy and Advocacy Anna Miller also said: “Access to primary healthcare is the right of anyone living in the UK, yet many GP surgeries don’t recognise their responsibility to some of the most socially excluded members of their community. This has to change if we are going to tackle the health inequalities which continue to challenge our health service.”

Increasing uptake in such measures could see Britain’s GP surgeries inundated by registrations from illegal aliens seeking out free healthcare at the British taxpayer’s expense, given the rising tide of numbers swarming across the English Channel.

With a record 482 illegals flooding across the Channel last Wednesday, setting a new one day record for arrivals, growing numbers of illegals demanding healthcare handouts could add to the financial burden of their decision to flout UK immigration rules – with the taxpayer already forking out half a million a year just to store migrant dinghies.

Those in favour of the measures say that free access to healthcare for illegal aliens, without fear that they will face overdue immigration enforcement action and deportation, will make it easier to tackle issues like coronavirus.

But with coronavirus-ridden illegals breaking quarantine rules to go shopping with taxpayer handouts, and with hundreds going off the radar entirely after absconding from hotels, many will question whether it will benefit Britain’s public health to make the country an even more inviting destination to illegal economic migrants from across the planet.