Hotels for illegals set to cost taxpayer up to £70m this year

The Home Secretary Priti Patel has admitted that hotel accommodation for illegals is set to cost the British taxpayer at least £40m this year and could spiral to as high as £70m as migrants continue to swarm across the English Channel in increasing numbers.

The month of July broke new records with at least 3510 migrants flooding into the country across the Channel, with numbers for the early days of August being even more eye-watering – as 957 landed in the UK in just two days last week.

“Four star hotels for asylum seekers, including those crossing the Channel illegally, is a five-star absurdity” fumed Alp Mehmet, the chairman of the UK’s top immigration think tank Migration Watch.

“Meanwhile, the poor taxpayer goes on paying through the nose for this as well as the ballooning costs of our overwhelmed and abused asylum system, as our Government repeatedly fails to deal with the problem.”

It’s also been confirmed that some hotels have been block booked to house migrants right through the start of next year, highlighting the government’s surrender to continued illegal incursions.

The news comes amid murmurings this weekend that Patel could find herself removed from her post as Home Secretary over her failure to get a grip on the situation, with Michael Gove tipped as a possible replacement.

Highlighting growing frustration within government at the out of control situation, this site reported in June on the comments reportedly made by Johnson to a government minister who asked: “What the f*** is the Home Office doing? When is she [Patel] going to sort this out?”

With British voters supporting a policy of shipping migrants back to France, by a whopping 4-to-1 margin, the government may well be concerned that continued failure on the issue could lead to embarrassing losses at the ballot box – especially in key Red Wall seats, which increasingly hold the key to future Conservative majorities in parliament.