Murderer, child rapists set for deportation on flight Abbott wants cancelled

Former Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has called for a “moratorium” on mass deportation flights, taking particular aim at a flight that is set to take off tomorrow removing up to 50 foreign criminals and deporting them back to Jamaica – including a number of violent criminals guilty of sick crimes like murder and rape.

It’s her latest intervention in the growing row after tweeting her opposition to the plans days ago, saying: “I am shocked to learn that the Home Office is planning another mass deportation on the 11th of August. I urgently call on the Home Office to cancel these flights and end the Hostile Environment.”

Blasting the idea of mass deportation flights as “cruel, arbitrary, a double punishment and expensive”, Ms Abbott also went so far as to suggest that the practice involved the use of a “racist dragnet” in which “people are “scraped up” to be deported willy nilly.”

But what Ms Abbott failed to note is that one of the criminals being shipped out of the country is in fact a convicted murderer, two were convicted of raping youngsters, another was a multiple rapist, and a fifth was an attempted murderer.

“The Home Office justification for these flights is that the people being deported are all dangerous criminals” she says. “It is true that they have all broken the law. But most have been convicted for non-violent drug offences and four got deportation orders for their first and only offence.

“They have all actually served the sentence for their crime. The deportation is by way of being a double jeopardy. It is an arbitrary sentence that the British State is able to impose, in practice, because the deportees are not white.”

The Home Office, however, remains unapologetic: “We make no apology for seeking to remove dangerous foreign criminals and those with no right to remain in the UK.”