Last-minute appeals see dozens of criminals removed from Jamaica deportation flight

More than thirty dangerous foreign criminals were removed from a deportation flight to Jamaica scheduled for 1am on Wednesday morning after last-minute appeals were submitted by human rights lawyers.

50 criminals – some of whom were jailed for crimes including murder and child rape – were due to be on board the flight to Kingston, however just 7 were on the flight when it finally departed.

Other crimes committed by those who successfully appealed against their deportation from Britain included attempted murder, rape of adults, grievous bodily harm and various drug offences including dealing class A drugs.

In addition to the legal challenges launched on behalf of the criminals, Labour MPs had been attempting to exert political pressure on the Home Office to stop deportation flights with former shadow home secretary Diane Abbott this week calling mass deportation flights “cruel, arbitrary, a double punishment and expensive”.

Naturally, Ms Abbott went further to suggest deportation flights had a racial element attached to them, adding: “They have all actually served the sentence for their crime. The deportation is by way of being a double jeopardy. It is an arbitrary sentence that the British State is able to impose, in practice, because the deportees are not white.”

Abbott’s remarks were echoed by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, who called on Priti Patel to “do the right thing” and cancel the “cruel and discriminatory” deportations.

The Home Office insisted it would “make no apology for seeking to remove dangerous foreign criminals and those with no right to remain in the UK”.

The department, clearly frustrated by relentless last-minute lawsuits added: “We are putting an end to all this. It wastes judicial time. It wastes legal time. It wastes taxpayers’ money and it is in dire need of reform.”