London thugs stabbed NHS worker to death in “savage violence”

Four London thugs have been found guilty of the murder of 24-year-old NHS worker David Gomoh, who was stabbed at least nine times by the criminals despite having no gang links – simply because “he lived in the wrong part of Newham and so was classed as a rival.”

19 year old Mohammad Jalloh, 23 year old Vagnei Colubali, 19 year old David Ture, and an unnamed 17 year old male were convicted at the Old Bailey today and will be sentenced for their crime on 17 September.

A release from the Metropolitan Police details how the group set out with knives from a Stratford hotel in a stolen car with false plates, looking for a victim in Canning Town.

David, who was praised by his mother as “a charismatic, intelligent and focused young gentleman” was set upon by the thugs less than an hour after they had chased another man, armed with weapons, who managed to escape their ambush.

Top cops from the Met’s Specialist Crime Command later found the group’s stolen car less than a mile away from the scene of the crime, linking sunglasses found in the vehicle to Mohammad Jalloh and the 17 year old defendant using DNA science.

CCTV evidence also linked the defendants to the car, and a search of David Ture’s address also uncovered vile drawings that appeared to make light of the sickening murderer – with the culprits depicted saying things like “lemme m juss rass dis spliff” and “jump in de ride I’ll show u wats goin on”.

“The four defendants set out that night ready and armed for savage violence and it was obvious from the evidence gathered that their attack was premeditated” said Detective Chief Inspector Laurence Smith.

“What they had not worked out was who their victim would be. They did not know David, they did not care who he was or whether he was involved in a rival gang. He was simply a fair target in their petty game.

“Our thoughts remain with David’s family who have conducted themselves with dignity throughout the investigation and trial. Nothing will ever bring David back but we hope knowing his killers will be behind bars brings some measure of comfort as they continue to grieve.”

With all four defendants having gang links, it’s yet another chilling reminder of the grim reality facing law abiding people in Sadiq Khan’s increasingly lawless London.

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