Immigration regains top spot as most pressing concern for Conservative voters

Immigration has once again become the most pressing concern for Conservative voters across the country, it has emerged.

In recent polling published by YouGov, concerns over immigration beat both health and the economy despite the ongoing pandemic, as Brits who backed Boris Johnson’s party in the 2019 general election grow increasingly more alarmed at the migrant crisis ensuing on Britain’s southern coastline.

Immigration took the number one spot with 53 per cent of Tory voters putting it in their top three issues facing the UK. In contrast, 52 per cent chose the economy and just 44 per cent had health in their top three.

Concerns over immigration have jumped from around a third of voters to more than half since January, with Britain seeing record levels of undocumented migrants arrive via the English Channel from the European mainland.

Meanwhile, immigration ranked eighth in the most pressing concerns for Labour voters, underneath housing, education and the environment. Just 14 per cent had it in their top three.

Similarly, 14 per cent of Remain voters were concerned with immigration compared with 52 per cent of Leave voters.

The upward trend will undoubtedly cause a headache for prime minister Boris Johnson who has remained relatively quiet on the migrant crisis, and particularly Priti Patel’s Home Office which has come under considerable scrutiny for its performance to date, as Brits grow tired with the department’s inability to deter illegal migrants from arriving, and swiftly returning the ones who do.

3,510 undocumented migrants flooded into the UK across the English Channel in the month of July, breaking 10,000 for the first time ever in a year with five months still to go.

Those arriving are being placed in hotel accommodation at an estimated cost to the British taxpayer of £70 million per year – even the boats being used to cross are stored at taxpayers’ expense with the government spending £500,000 a year on storage costs.

It was also recently reported by the Mail on Sunday that the government had lost the trace of hundreds of newcomers who have fled their hotel rooms, sparking a security crisis.

Polling released last week showed that Brits support the policy of returning migrant boats back to France by a 4-to-1 margin with 63 per cent of Conservative voters insisting there is simply still too much immigration flooding into Britain, despite the promise of Brexit bringing control of our borders back to Westminster.