WATCH | 26 migrants storm beach in Ramsgate

A boat containing 26 people was filmed by beachgoers landing on a beach in Kent on Thursday morning as lighter sailing conditions in the English Channel encouraged more undocumented migrants to brave the trip from the European mainland to Britain.

Brits visiting Ramsgate beach recorded the incident as the migrants reached the shore before disembarking and dispersing along the waterfront.

British authorities eventually reached the scene with Kent Police and UK Border Force in attendance, detaining the migrants before they were transported via coach to Dover to be processed. The boat contained 24 men and 2 women.

Local freelance reporter Chris Johnson reported on a second beach landing on Thursday at Folkestone and estimates there were up to as many as eight beach landings today with up to 200 migrants reaching Britain illegally.

A member of the public told local media: “We were at the beach when the dinghy came to the shore. I was the one that called it in to the coastguard and police. I said that they are falling in and struggling in the water.

“No one came to help until about 15 minutes later and it was one lifeguard on a quad bike. Then about 10 minutes after that the police showed up.

“My partner went over to make sure there weren’t children as if there had been he would have gone out to help.”

A Kent Police spokesperson said: “Kent Police was called to assist Border Force and HM Coastguard following a report of suspected migrants in Ramsgate shortly at around 11.30am.”