Project Fear BUSTED: Britain exporting more to EU than before Brexit

Brexit Britain is selling more exports into the European Union now than before Brexit according to stunning new figures that will leave pro-EU supporters red faced, as Project Fear lies about the impact of national independence continue to be debunked by fresh data and evidence.

Exports shot up 29% year-on-year in June as the UK continued to pull out of the pandemic with a world-class jabbing programme and a staged reopening of society and the economy.

Loony left Remain activists online have slammed reporting on the subject, claiming that it is based on cherry-picked figures, but analysis by top business journal Bloomberg has shown that the June trade figures are not only higher than during the transition period last year but also higher than the June average for both the five-year pre-referendum period (2010 to 2015) and the years following the referendum but before Brexit.

The same was true of May’s figures too, showing an emerging pattern of surging UK exports despite the most dire predictions from rabid pro-EU campaigners ahead of the UK’s largest ever exercise in direct democracy.

It’s just the latest cheery news for Britain’s economic prospect as a free and independent nation, with this website reporting earlier this week on astounding figures that showed the UK drawing in more lucrative fintech investment than the rest of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa combined as Brexit Britain continues to be a world-wide finance powerhouse.

That came after recent data from the CBI Economics Industrial Trends Survey revealed output growth in 16 of 17 sub-sectors of British manufacturing as the sector overall posted its most explosive growth on record.

And in the last month and a half, this website has reported on huge plans by automotive giant Nissan to create thousands of jobs in Sunderland with a massive new battery plant, as well as plans to recruit 400 more employees to work on building new models including the Qashqai and Leaf.