“It’s like Four Lions!” Bizarre scenes as Taliban ride dodgems and work out at the gym

As Afghanistan comes to terms with a return to Taliban rule, footage of its supposedly feared militants enjoying themselves in their newly-acquired territory has gone viral.

One video shows Taliban insurgents familiarising themselves with the gym at the presidential palace in Kabul which was seized this week. One individual can be seen swinging from the lat pulldown machine, clearly unsure exactly how the equipment works whilst others are visible in full Islamic dress feeling the burn on the crosstrainers.

In other footage, the jihadists are seen partaking in a session of bumper cars, with social media users joking that the scenes look to have been taking from deleted scenes of “Four Lions”, a satirical dark comedy which follows the lives of four underwhelming British extremists who head to the Middle East to wage jihad.

Other footage captured and posted on social media shows Taliban fighters engaged in conflict on the outskirts of Kabul, equipped with semi-automatic assault rifles. One militant can be seen attempting to fire an RPG, however he and his fellow combatants are all quick to run when the explosive travels less than a metre, prompting them all to take cover.

Many political commentators have highlighted the hypocrisy of Twitter in allowing the Taliban to retain a presence on the social media platform whilst former US President Donald Trump remains banned. If they continue to produce this high level of content, we say carry on…