GB News presenter wants some privacy and space from Harry and Meghan

GB News’ Mercy Muroki slammed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex on Thursday for their unrelenting publicity parade despite telling the media they wished to live a quieter life.

In her opening address to camera, Muroki suggested that rather than Harry and Meghan needing privacy and space, the British public could instead do with some time off from the former royal couple and their woke agenda.

“I don’t know about you but I’m bored at Meghan and Harry putting their two cents into just about everything. Quite frankly I’m wholeheartedly, unreservedly uninterested in what they have to say about anything!” Muroki told viewers.

“I simply cannot summon damns to give, but I’m forced to listen to their opinions because they’re literally inescapable! Meghan and Harry say they want some privacy and space but I’m starting to feel like it’s us who need some privacy and space from them!

“You turn on your TV and there they are, doing their interviews to millions of people! So you flick to Netflix and there they are again with their multi-year, multi-million dollar deal. So you switch that off and think, ‘Well I’ll just listen to a nice podcast instead’, and there they are again being their weird and woke selves!

“So you think, ‘Well I’ll just have to switch off completely and read a book. They can’t get me there too surely!’ But alas, you step into Waterstones, reach for a book from the shelf and there they are again with their kids books and their impending tell-all memoirs!

The presenter proceeded to blast the former royal couple for reportedly accusing the Queen of failing to take full ownership of the allegations made about the Royal Family being racist, despite remaining tight-lipped on exactly what those alleged racist remarks were and who said them.

“We’re just expected to blindly swallow their narrative whilst they give us no evidence at all about who it was that was racist or what was even really said!” Muroki raged.

The couple released a statement on Wednesday, outlining their thoughts on current affairs ranging from Afghanistan to Haiti to Covid-19, claiming they were “speechless” by the current crisis in the Middle East.

“Well thank goodness for that,” Nigel Farage quipped on his Wednesday prime-time show. “Please, Harry and Meghan, stay speechless for as long as you possibly can!”