Bin Laden instructed followers NOT to target Biden because he “will lead the US into a crisis”

Osama Bin Laden prioritised assassination attempts against Barack Obama but told commanders not to plot against knocking off then vice president Joe Biden because he was “totally unprepared” and would therefore be an asset to global jihad were he to become President.

The astonishing foresight was uncovered from the stash of documents seized at the al-Qaeda leader’s hideout in Pakistan where he was finally bumped off by US special forces in May 2012. The accurate prediction resurfaced after President Biden’s bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan, Bin Laden’s earlier home and the location of his notorious training camps.

It would seem the evil mastermind who topped the FBI’s most-wanted list for a decade had a better handle on who should (or rather, should not) lead the country than nearly the entire American political establishment and a good slice of the electorate too.

In the aftermath of 9/11, allied were forces deployed to Afghanistan to take out Bin Laden and his operation in the Tora Bora Mountains. He was not located for another decade, and on the other side of the border with Pakistan.

The West’s military presence remained in Afghanistan until Biden’s troop withdrawal began in May of this year, leading directly to the return of the Taliban – Bin Laden’s former protectors – to power on Sunday, an outcome the maniac Islamist leader might have predicted.

In one of the documents retrieved from the Abbottabad compound, Bin Laden tells his men to seize any opportunity to kill America’s President, Barack Obama. General David Petraeus, who masterminded the Iraq troop “surge” was also singled out as a dangerous foe. Petraeus was leading the Nato mission in Afghanistan when US Navy SEALS were covertly flown to Abbottabad to get Bin Laden.

Joe Biden was designated an entirely different category. Militants were instructed not to target the vice president. “Biden is totally unprepared for that post [of president], which will lead the US into a crisis,” Bin Laden told his men.

Another valuable nugget uncovered was Bin Laden’s total focus on the United States. Allies like the United Kingdom came a distant second.

“Even though we have the chance to attack the British, we should not waste our effort to do so but concentrate on defeating America, which will lead to defeating the others,” he wrote in one document. Similarly, allies of the West in the Middle East, such as the Yemeni government were a low priority.

Papers dating from 2010 showed Bin Laden’s entourage felt al-Qaeda deserved credit for the financial crisis too. “All the political talk in America is about the economy, forgetting or ignoring the war and its role in weakening the economy,” wrote Adam Gadahn, the evil group’s US-born media advisor.