WATCH | “The Taliban are holding Joe Biden hostage”, ANDREW NEIL ruthlessly exposes US President’s Afghanistan folly

Andrew Neil has accused Joe Biden of lying about the weakness of America’s “ignominious and shameful position” in Afghanistan as his administration desperately tries to evacuate civilians out of the country now under Taliban rule.

It has emerged US diplomats prepared a briefing for the White House early last month warning of the Afghan army’s imminent collapse against the bloodthirsty Taliban as a consequence of the President’s decision to withdraw all US troops by the end of August.

But when quizzed about Afghanistan’s fall to the Taliban by broadcaster ABC on Wednesday, Biden insisted “there was no consensus” on whether the Afghan forces would buckle.

The document was signed by no less than 23 US officials stationed in Kabul and led to a tepid acceleration in the number of evacuations in July. By then the troop withdrawal was well underway.

Neil watched the ABC broadcast closely and picked up on other glaring inaccuracies. Speaking on Nigel Farage’s GB News show, Neil pointed out Biden had said in the interview that “no-one had been killed on the road to the airport”.

In fact, “twelve people have been killed on the road to the airport so far. And it’s only just beginning.”

“The Taliban are controlling access to the airport,” Neil added. “In a sense, as we speak tonight, the Taliban are holding President Biden hostage.

“There was even a rumour in the Pentagon this afternoon that the Americans had had to buy fuel for their aircraft from the Taliban.

“The Taliban are calling all the shots, and for the world’s only superpower, that is an ignominious and shameful position to be in.”

The President has tried to deflect criticism of his handling of America’s withdrawal from Afghanistan this week by passing blame onto the intelligence community, angering spy chiefs.

Picking up on Biden’s underhand tactics, Neil said: “He can blame who he wants, but it’s happened on President Biden’s watch and the result of decisions he took, which he didn’t have to take.”