WATCH | Multiple migrant beach landings spotted as crisis worsens

Hundreds more illegal migrants arrived in Britain on Saturday as fairer sailing conditions persuaded dozens more boats to make the trip across the Channel from the European mainland.

Sources on the ground reporting daily on Britain’s migrant crisis estimate that today could be yet another record number of arrivals, with hundreds of undocumented migrants landing on Britain’s shores.

At least three boats managed to evade Border Force’s state-of-the-art surveillance to land initially undetected on beaches in Kent, which freelance reporters managed to capture on camera.

Around two dozen were on board one vessel which landed on Stone Bay in Broadstairs, Kent this afternoon, before dispersing and heading away from the beach. It appeared to contain a majority of adult males.

A second video shows another boatload landing on a beach in Folkestone earlier today which did contain some women and children who were met by authorities and offered food and water. They were then taken by coach to Dover for processing.

The landings are becoming a regular occurrence with this site reporting last week on a similar number storming a beach in Ramsgate, containing 24 adult males and 2 women.

Current estimations put the eventual number of arrivals for this year at 23,000, but the Times reports migrants are piling up on the French coast as they prepare to set off for England, placing their lives in the hands of ruthless people smugglers.

Nigel Farage has predicted there could be as many as 30,000 reach Britain in 2021, and with daily figures rising still, he might not be far off…