“People who are direct threat to country” trying to enter Britain amid Afghan collapse

People who have been placed on Britain’s ‘no fly’ list because they are “people who are a direct threat to this country if they were able to come here” have been trying to enter the UK from Afghanistan amid British army efforts to evacuate the country.

Junior immigration minister Kevin Foster has confirmed that Border Force have had “more hits on our ‘no fly’ list” in a single week “than we would normally expect in a year of normal flights and travel” from the country – which is now controlled by the radical Islamist Taliban, and which could now serve as a hotbed for anti-western terror following Joe Biden’s catastrophically botched troop withdrawal.

The chilling information once again highlights the immense national security dangers posed by open door asylum policies, and rubbishes demands from loony left politicians for Britain to take in untold numbers of migrants from the Middle East.

Border Force checks apparently picked up at least six individuals attempting to use the crisis to enter Britain, with one man successfully making it to Birmingham where authorities later insisted he was “not a person of interest”.

But bleeding heart asylum policies could see huge swathes of the Afghan population relocate to western Europe, with government bureaucracies ill-equipped to perform intensive vetting to filter out all security risks perfectly.

The news should be particularly concerning in Britain where hundreds of migrants are illegally entering the country across the English Channel on a near-daily basis – with their illegal entry being facilitated by the country’s own so-called Border Force.

This website reported earlier today on credible reports that boat migrants in the Channel were smuggling deadly firearms into the country – with French intelligence issuing a firearms warning and an English lifeboat being told to keep its distance from one of the dinghies.

With a newly emboldened Taliban holding sway in Afghanistan and Islamist fanatics looking to infiltrate western nations, how long before those who are flagged in ‘no fly’ list checks decide to instead be ferried into Dover by our own Border Force?