Afghan terror suspect convicted within days of being airlifted to France as major newspaper claims evacuated Taliban fighters DO NOT pose a threat

The French establishment is throwing security concerns out the window as it grapples with the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan. 

Western powers are preparing to stop the Kabul airlift on an accelerated timetable amid reports of shots being fired at allied aircraft taking off and two suicide attacks at Hamid Karzai Airport. Last night the British government told Afghans who have supported troops and officials to make their own way out of the country via land. France has now opened talks with the Taliban as part of its evacuation efforts.

The rapidly evolving situation seems to have caused international bodies and national governments to lose sight of their priorities. The UN has issued shockingly dumb guidance to Afghans fearing reprisals from the bloodthirsty Taliban, telling them to “stay calm” if they hear a knock on the door. 

UN advice on how to deal with a Taliban killer is to engage in “calm and positive interaction” and to “remain clear, honest and confident.”

But it is in France where influential figures are taking complete leave of their senses. On Tuesday, this site reported on five Afghan evacuees immediately put under surveillance for posing a terror risk.

One has already been hit with a conviction for flouting the terms of his surveillance. On Wednesday, a judge ruled against the individual, known as Ahmat M, for straying outside his designated zone.

Ahmat M told the court a confusing story about following a man who’d offered to buy him medicine out of Paris’s 18th arrondissement. The Afghan claimed he needed the drugs to soothe a headache stemming from his flight over, he also claimed to be suffering from vomiting and unconvincingly told the judge he didn’t know he was restricted to a certain zone.

The other man contradicted the defence and said he was accompanying him to buy SIM cards.

“This is not the case of a Taliban in France, it is the case of a man who fled his country with his wife and his three-month-old daughter’ and who was arrested for ‘going to the supermarket,” said Ahmat M’s lawyer.

Even before the terror suspect had been cuffed, political leader, Marine Le Pen had scolded France’s president, Emmanuel Macron for potentially jeopardising the nation’s fragile security following years of deadly terror attacks.

“The ‘duty’ of welcoming to France takes a back seat when the security of the French is threatened,” fumed Le Pen on Twitter on Monday. “This imperative makes sense to all except for… the Government!”

But Macron’s government is far from alone in showing a complacent attitude towards terror. On Tuesday, Le Monde, France’s paper of record, asserted migrants who had fought for the Taliban did not necessarily pose a risk.

In a non-editorial article covering events in Afghanistan, the paper stated: “The fact of having been a member of the Taliban does not necessarily constitute a threat for France.

“…Equally, the conditions for joining the Taliban movement do not necessarily have a purely religious motivation.”

Even if that were true, surely it denies the refugee any claim his life is in danger. 

Meanwhile, France’s Europe minister, Clement Beaune has made a ludicrous appeal for Britain to accept migrants gathered along the country’s northern coast.

Burying the notion France is a willing partner in stopping these men (and they are mostly men) from crossing over to Kent, Eurofanatic and Macron protégé, Beaune told CNews: “We must, after Brexit, have a new migratory deal no doubt between the EU and Britain so that we can expel, or direct a certain number of migrants to the UK so they can request asylum.

Taking advantage of Priti Patel’s poor attempts to obstruct migrant crossings, Beaune added: “It’s [Britain’s] responsibility. We have seen sometimes that it is the attractiveness of Britain’s asylum system that is in question.

“We are the ones who have paid a high price over the past 10 years – we see it in Calais regarding organisation, humanitarian aid and police checks.”

“Monsieur Beanune needs his eyes testing,” a Conservative Party source told the Telegraph. “Day after day, French boats are escorting migrants into UK waters. We would love a new deal with the EU or France.

“But so far both are refusing to discuss it. We are reforming the system through our New Plan for Immigration and would suggest that he has a read of that before making such nonsensical comments.”

Who needs enemies when you’ve got allies like Macron’s France.