SNP pushes far-left race politics into schools with new materials

The Scottish government is encouraging all schools to embed left-wing so-called anti-racism into classrooms, with new teaching materials that link capitalism to racism and call on teachers to take a ‘white privilege’ test.

The shocking plans have been branded “astonishingly one-sided” by an education professor at the University of Edinburgh.

“The advice is pushing only one way of interpreting racism and its evils, rather than encouraging pupils to understand properly how racism arose” said Lindsay Paterson in comments published by the Telegraph.

“Children ought to be able to understand a variety of points of view on racism. For example, they ought to learn both Scotland’s large role in slavery and the slave trade, and also Scotland’s contribution to bringing these to an end.

“Children ought to understand, not only how racism has sometimes been profitable for a capitalist economy, but also how capitalism has also been associated with practices and principles that fundamentally undermine racism.”

But instead, the loony left teaching guidance calls for youngsters to be told that racism is “a system that serves to enable capitalism and the current world order.”

The shockingly biased plans serves as another flashpoint in a conflict across the western world between those who think education should focus on equipping children with skills and knowledge, and those who believe it should serve to ideologically indoctrinate a future generation into being left-wing.

This website has reported in past months on moves taken by the popular Florida Governor Ron DeSantis to fight back against the introduction of so-called Critical Race Theory in Florida schools, blasting the loony left academic fad as “offensive to the taxpayer”.

And in France, even cosmopolitan globalist Emmanuel Macron has taken a hard stand against the importation of radical left-wing academic theories from the United States, warning scholars against “certain social science theories entirely imported from the United States”.

It followed Macron’s strong stance against lawless statue desecration in the wake of worldwide riots following the death of American felon George Floyd, with the Black Lives Matter movement serving as a regular source of inspiration for those on the race-obsessed left-wing fringes of western political life.