Candace Owens tells Farage: BLM is “a political scam”

US conservative icon Candace Owens has slammed Black Lives Matter as “a political scam” in scathing comments made to Nigel Farage on his nightly GB News show.

She also insisted that the so-called “race conflict” in the US is manufactured by the media and encouraged by Democrats in a bid to turn African Americans into a reliable voting block, and refuted the existence of white privilege.

“In particular, seeing the protests that were going on in the UK about racism and Black Lives Matter – an organisation which is not for black Americans” she said. “An organisation which raised billions and billions of dollars from white people that feel guilty and believe that there’s racial oppresion in America for black Americans because the media tells them so – and of course the media never lies!

“And what it does is it funds white people – the money never goes to black America. So billions and billions of dollars raised for Black Lives Matter: not a single black school built, not a single black building built up, not a black neighbourhood that was built up.

“But many more black people were arrested and sent to prison in these riots, many more black people died in these riots. But at least white people felt good when they gave the dollar to Black Lives Matter, so it’s a political scam.”

Farage had the right-wing US firebrand on his regular Talking Points segment, exploring how Owens became attracted to conservative politics, how she feels about the controversial BLM political movement, and how she was inspired by Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

Drawing on the example of Brexit, she launched a major US political movement called ‘Blexit’ – a campaign to convince African Americans to stop voting for Democrat politicians who have failed them for generations.

She also recounted listening to a major Donald Trump speech in Michigan in 2015, during which he listed damning statistics about the fate of black Americans under Democrat rule. “The scales fell from my eyes. He stood up there and he listed every statistic – ‘black men, you’ve been voting for Democrats for sixty years. Why not take a chance on me?’

“He said, specifically: ‘black America, what do you have to lose? Look at all the ways you’ve already lost. What’s it going to take for you to just give me a chance?’ And I went wow, that’s about as good an argument as any: we’re not winning, so why not take a chance on something different?”