Grieving parents of Kabul bombing dead blame Biden

Parents of two of those killed in the Kabul bombing have turned fire on US leadership for their botched handling of the situation, with one saying that US President Joe Biden “turned his back” on his Marine son.

Steve Nikoui told American news website the Daily Beast: “They sent my son over there as a paper pusher and then had the Taliban outside providing security. I blame my own military leaders… Biden turned his back on him. That’s it.”

He also appeared on the popular nightly news show Tucker Carlson Tonight to reveal the brutal ordeal he faced waiting for news of his son Kareem, adding that the decision to surrender the more easily defended Bagram Air Base before evacuations were complete was hard to comprehend.

“From what I saw of the airport that they were in it looked like a turkey shoot” he observed, adding that the botched pull out “was just so chaotic and not planned out”.

He is not alone in expressing his frustration with the pathetic leadership offered by beleaguered US President Joe Biden, with the Daily Mail also quoting the father of fallen soldier Jared Schmitz saying: “Be afraid of our leadership or lack thereof. Pray every day for the soldiers that are putting their lives at risk, doing what they love which is protecting all of us.”

And a close family friend of fallen soldier Rylee McCollum complained that the situation was “a junk show, an absolute junk show. Not just for Rylee but for every serviceman and woman over there. They were put in a very terrible spot. In my opinion this entire circumstance has been mismanaged from every level.”

He demanded that “heads should roll”.

It follows a public statement from former US President Donald Trump, who expressed deep sadness over the loss of US service personnel and made it clear that the bombing “would not have happened” under his leadership.