WATCH | Ann Widdecombe gives blistering takedown of Meghan & Harry as she rages against ‘dangerous wokeism’

Legendary former Conservative minister, Ann Widdecombe has shared here typically forthright opinions on a range of issues, injecting extra fuel in a series of attacks against wokeism, often associated with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle.

Widdecombe told GB News presenter Patrick Christys she preferred not to give the Sussexes extra attention when asked to comment on rumours of their latest outrage at the royal family over racism allegations made in the infamous Oprah Winfrey interview.

Widdecombe described the accusations as “nasty” before attempting to close out the discussion. “I don’t think we should give them the satisfaction of endlessly talking about it… they want the publicity, why give it to them?”

Christys probed further, querying whether the family could just “kill” the story. 

“No”, replied Widdecombe. “They’ve already denied” that a member of the royal family speculated on the Sussexes’ future child’s skin tone “anything else that they do will just feed into the narrative, we should just ignore that very self-indulgent, self-pitying couple in their California mansion,” she added witheringly. 

The discussion then moved onto oppressive woke politics. Asked by a viewer to share her frustrations, Widdecombe took no prisoners in her response. 

“It’s in unprintable,” she replied. “I think woke culture is exceptionally dangerous. What it ultimately comes down to is the suppression of free speech. I don’t care how woke somebody is, as long as he allows my right to dismiss his views as rotten.” 

Widdecombe continued: “So I think that wokeism actually is dangerous because it carries with it that suggestion of compulsion that we’re all obliged.” 

Asked to suggest how we should tackle the woke mob, the no-nonsense Brexiteer said the public needed to get active.

“If big companies pull adverts as they tried to do with GB News… because a handful of woke people have complained, then what actually has to happen is, hundreds of people who resent that have to themselves complain, get active and complain with their feet, and say: ‘We’re not going into your stores anymore if you’re going to pursue this line’. That’s the only way.

“As long as people lie down supine in the face of the threat, nothing is going to happen, but if we get up and fight it, it will,” she added fists banging against her desk.