WATCH | Farage’s ferocious attack against the media for putting “disaster” Biden in the White House

Nigel Farage has blasted the mainstream media for acting as “champions for Joe Biden”.

This morning, the former Ukip and Brexit party leader said he held editors, broadcasters and social media responsible for Biden’s ascent to the White House leading to the catastrophic handling of America’s troop withdrawal from Afghanistan. “I have to say, this is your victory,” he scorned.

Facing the camera, Farage fired his broadside at “you” the media during his Sunday morning GB News show.  

“Well done. Well done mainstream media, well done social media. Well done, you’ve got the president that you wanted,” said Farage. 

“You didn’t like Donald Trump, he was too brash, too difficult for you so you decided to run a campaign where rather than being critical and doing your job, you basically became champions for Joe Biden. 

“Very little investigation into the laptop of his son, Hunter, very little scrutiny of what the American electoral process became, and I have to say, this is your victory.

“Well done mainstream media, you put this man in the White House. He’s a disaster, and the impact of his decision, the way he’s gone about this [withdrawal from Afghanistan] will be with us for many many years to come.”

Like Donald Trump, Farage has been a huge critic of entanglements in Iraq and Afghanistan. But like Trump, he has been outraged by Biden’s botched withdrawal.

The Brexit icon has been visibly angered by Biden’s “betrayal” of Britain and the Special Relationship, which Trump holds so dear, and appalled by the White House’s announcement in recent days that it would collaborate with the Taliban, leading him to declare Biden’s administration, “not fit for purpose”.

Yesterday, Britain’s troops finally withdrew from Afghanistan. This morning, Boris Johnson released a statement, praising their efforts.

“I want to take this opportunity to offer my profound thanks for everything you did and to say without hesitation that you should take the greatest pride in your achievement,” wrote the PM.

“Our purpose in Afghanistan was simple – to protect the United Kingdom from harm – and you succeeded in that central mission. In the last 10 years, not a single terrorist attack has been launched from Afghan soil against the UK or any other Western country.”   

Reflecting on the prime minister’s statement, Farage commented: “Some people benefitted from the big military presence of the US, us and our NATO allies, but really, it’s all lost isn’t it”.

Guest and former DUP leader, Arlene Foster said the purpose of the statement was to argue that it was all “worth it”. She was sceptical, however, highlighting that now Britain has left “we are seeing terrorism bedding in again”.

She added: “Yes we did stop terrorist attacks from Afghanistan, but what comes next?”