WATCH | Met Police’s brilliant response to XR’s attempt at road-block

Metropolitan Police officers prevented yet another attempt by climate change extremists to disrupt the lives of Londoners on Sunday by intercepting a group of activists ahead of an intended road block in West London.

Extinction Rebellion activists attempting to unload its so-called Beacon of Truth outside the Science Museum were seized on by police officers who took decisive action to contain the situation.

The organisation has since complained on social media of overzealous policing and excessive force, prompting others to congratulate the force’s quick response in intervening before activists could execute their common practice of chaining themselves together or glueing themselves to the road.

Social media users questioned the use of a diesel-fuelled truck by the activists to transport their wooden creation around, suggesting it wasn’t particularly “environmentally healthy”.

“Love the way they bring all their equipment is gas guzzling motors, hypocrisy at its finest!” commented one user.

Others praised the “excellent policing” by officers who were “finally doing their job” in cracking down on the disruptive protests that often bring parts of London to a standstill.

The planned roadblock was just one of many protests organised by climate activists targeting the Science Museum over the bank holiday weekend, who have taken issue with one of the museum’s exhibitions being part-funded by oil giant Shell.

Over 200 demonstrators descended on the museum on Sunday with several extremists glueing themselves to the railings outside the museum and others deadlocking their necks against the barriers.

Others chose less obstructive methods to voice their opinions, including silent meditation, drum circles and one woman who had a black oil-like substance poured all over her body. Each to their own…

In light of the protests, a Shell spokesperson said: “Shell and the Science Museum have a long-standing relationship based on a shared interest in promoting engagement in science, which will be a key enabler in addressing the challenge to provide more and cleaner energy solutions.

“At Shell our target is to become a net-zero emissions energy business by 2050, in step with society.

“As Shell works with our customers to identify the best paths to decarbonisation, we seek to avoid, reduce and only then mitigate any remaining emissions.

“Developing carbon capture and storage and using natural sinks are two of a range of ways of decarbonising energy.’

A spokesperson for the museum added: “Throughout the day our team has facilitated a peaceful protest at the Science Museum, ensuring the health and safety of everyone in the building while enabling thousands of people to enjoy their visit to the museum.”