Citing government data, top expert warns of potential Afghan crime wave

Pierre-Marie Sève of the French think tank the Institute for Justice has warned that a new inflow of so-called refugees from Afghanistan could spark a fresh crime wave, given the over-representation of Afghan asylum seekers in almost all categories of crime.

He has blasted Emmanuel Macron’s plans to ship in Afghan migrants, praising the alternative approaches being taken by certain other European countries.

“The reception of Afghans in France will inevitably lead to an increase in delinquency” he warned in an article for French paper Valeurs Actuelles.

He cited an Institute of Justice study based on official French government data, which revealed “a clear link between immigration and delinquency. Only foreign immigrants are thus over-represented in all criminal categories. For example, while they constitute 7.4% of the population in 2019, they accounted for 17% of homicides, 18% of robberies with weapons, or 29% of burglaries.”

In addition, he warned of strong cultural differences between the inbound population and the native French population, highlighting a recent poll which showed “that 85% of Afghans were in favour of stoning.”

He went on to quote American feminist scholar Cheryl Benard, who has noted that Afghans “commit sexual crimes to a much greater extent than other refugees, even from such Muslim and conservative countries.”

Throwing open the borders to Afghan migrants “would be a serious mistake that would further clog up the courts, further aggravate insecurity and certainly cost the tranquility, even the lives, of our fellow citizens” he warned.

His furious warnings form part of a wider backlash against French leader Emmanuel Macron for his handling of the crisis thus far.

Amid reports that five of those airlifted to France from Kabul had already been put under state surveillance for suspected links to Islamic extremism, National Rally leader Marine Le Pen fumed: “The ‘duty’ of welcoming to France takes a back seat when the security of the French is threatened. This imperative makes sense to all except for… the Government!”

It has since been reported that one of those five men has already been hauled before the courts for leaving the zone he was permitted to move in – claiming that he’d followed a man who offered to buy him drugs to soothe a headache, testimony that was subsequently contradicted by claims he’d been trying to acquire SIM cards.