Danish immigration minister: “My dream is zero asylum seekers”

Denmark’s minister for immigration has forcefully expressed his commitment to drastically reducing asylum.

In an interview with Swedish newspaper, Bulletin, Mattias Tesfaye blasted the EU’s open asylum system as immoral and unsustainable.

“My dream is zero asylum seekers in Denmark,” he said, adding: “I believe that the existing European asylum system cannot be defended either morally or politically.

“The asylum system is used for migration to an extent that our welfare society cannot absorb, and that challenges cohesion in Denmark. That is why we have to get asylum immigration under control

Tesfaye’s Social Democrats stand out in Europe as a left-wing party that opposes mass immigration. They also stand out as left-wing European party in power.

Prime minister, Mette Frederiksen announced a “zero” asylum seeker policy at the beginning of the year and charged Tesfaye with getting Syrian migrants to agree to go back home. The popular policy shocked Eurocrats. In March, Frederiksen’s government announced a plan to break up migrant ghettos.

But the Danish government is not without European admirers. Last week, this site reported on rousing comments made by the head of Finland’s right-wing Finns Party who is also committed to zero asylum seekers, particularly following the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan, and paid tribute to Frederiksen’s policies in a recent interview.

“We want changes in border policy and so-called humanitarian and social immigration. Our target is zero asylum seekers, as is the case with the Danish Social Democrat-led government,” said Riikka Purra, the joint leader of Finland’s opposition.

In his Bulletin interview, Tesfaye admitted his government will not stop accepting refugees altogether. Quotas imposed by the UN are not being challenged. The intention is to strip everything else, including EU interference. Both the EU and the UN were dismayed by Copenhagen’s decision earlier this year to begin processing asylum seekers beyond the country’s borders – a move Priti Patel was briefly rumoured to be interested in copying.

 “We want to get rid of all expenses for the asylum system with lawyers, accommodation, interpreters, and travel home for those who have had their application rejected,” said Tesfaye.

“Instead, use the money where the conflicts are and let the UN decide which quota refugees can settle in Denmark…

“The majority of the world’s refugees are in the immediate vicinity of their home country. I believe that there is an international responsibility to help the neighbouring countries where they now reside.”

The minister’s political views are firmly at odds with the British left who lap up multiculturalism. For Tesfaye, the son of an Ethiopian father, the objective is to stop the welfare society from “breaking”.  

He said: “I grew up in the 1980s with a single mother who was unemployed. It was the welfare state that gave me my opportunities. It was the welfare state that lifted me out of poverty and gave me an education as a bricklayer. I cannot defend breaking that society. And we will do that if too many migrants come here. The community needed in a people’s home is crumbling.”

Consequently, a top priority is to ensure the small number of migrants allowed are well integrated in Danish society. “People who do not become integrated, who find themselves at odds with our society, commit more criminal acts. If you don’t have immigration under control, you get violent, crude crime. Right now, crime is falling in Denmark. The number of gang members is decreasing. That is really positive,” he asserted.

Tesfaye’s comments are grounded in evidence. A French think tank has recently crunched government stats to highlight the much higher offending rates among migrants.

Foreign-born residents only account for 7.4% of France’s population but in 2019 they committed 17% of homicides, 18% of robberies with weapons, and 29% of burglaries overall.