Nigel Farage: US President Biden is not fit for office

Brexit legend and GB News host Nigel Farage has once again launched a scathing attack against beleaguered US President Joe Biden, casting doubt on his fitness for office amid the disastrous US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

“Mainstream media in America and across the western world, and cruicially social media, had made their minds up: they hated Donald Trump and everything he stood for. Joe Biden was their man. And they did everything to defend him” he complained, highlighting the pathetic handling of scandals surrounding Hunter Biden by Big Tech.

“They wanted Joe Biden in the White House. Congratulations to the New York Times, congratulations CNN and others – you’ve got your man. And just two hundred days into this presidency, we see rising, rapidly rising, crime in American cities. We see a border situation where illegal immigration this year, into the USA, is on course to top two million people.

“But of course it is the decision to unilaterally, unconditionally withdraw from Afghanistan that has been perhaps the biggest foreign policy failure in America for at least forty years” he said, blaming Biden for the Taliban’s recent haul of high-spec US military gear.

During the course of his rant against the 78 year old Democrat, Farage questioned his mental capacity and played footage from a recent CNN Town Hall event which was reported on by this website.

“You you you got the vaccination?” Biden asked in the disturbing footage. “Are you okay? You seem… no… it works…”

He then turned to the audience: “Or, you know, or or or the mum and dad or or or the neighbour or when you go to church or when you’re… No I-I-I-I really mean it” he insisted to a befuddled audience.

“There are trusted interlocutors. Think of the people… if your kid wanted to find out there were… there’s a man on the moon… or something… or, you, know, whether those aliens are here or not, you know, who are those people they talk to beyond the kids who love talking about it?”

Farage, flabbergasted by the clip, said: “I mean what was that all about?! I know it was some form of English, but goodness gracious me, you need an interpreter to get through it. I mean he was not coherent in any way in that answer.”

It comes just days after the former Brexit Party leader slammed the mainstream media for their shameless cheerleading for Biden in the run-up to last year’s irregular US elections, which saw major press outlets refuse to ask obvious questions about Biden’s mental competence.