WATCH | Brave police get stuck into Extinction Rebellion protesters

Footage has been posted on social media of police officers drawing their truncheons before scaling a bus and accosting Extinction Rebellion protesters inside

The bus was being used by the crazed environmental campaigners to block a junction at London Bridge, part of a wider strategy to bring the capital to a standstill.

The police are deploying more aggressive tactics in response to XR’s signature brand of antisocial stunts during this series of protests.

Exhilarating footage went viral on social media yesterday of officers sighting a wooden frame designed to act as a roadblock being unloaded from the back of a lorry. In the clip, the officers are seen rushing to stop the timber structure from being erected, carnage ensues – it’s a must-watch.

Today, protesters are again scattered across London. One stunt featured a throng of female activists, dressed in black and wearing veils, lining up outside Downing Street with white empty prams. The “slow funeral walk” mobile art installation was intended to illustrate the impact of climate change on future generations.

The mourning mothers formed part of the XR procession, which split up from time to time enabling unwashed activists to dance chaotically. In other instances, protesters were far more aggressive, forcing police to intervene and make arrests.

Many officers were called to break up efforts to block traffic. Footage has emerged of a sit-in on Tower Bridge being broken up, and in several clips taken from different angles and posted online, officers can be seen trying to eject protesters from a green bus in the middle of a London Bridge junction.

In one video, officers can be seen trying to disperse the crowd around the bus, shouting “get back, get back”. A protestor is grabbed by the shoulders and pushed backwards. 

In a clip that’s now gone viral, two officers bravely scale the bus, supported by colleagues at street level using their long truncheons to beat back the protesters inside. 

The two officers eventually manage to shimmy on top of the bus. For a frightening moment, it looks as though the protestors are going to fell one of the policemen as he balances precariously on the edge of the bus. He then regains his footing and grabs an XR fanatic, meanwhile, a third copper manages to climb on top.

In another shot, the enviromaniacs can be seen swinging long planks of wood to viciously knock over the police officers.

The Met’s response didn’t meet everyone’s approval, however.

No nonsense media personality, Julia Hartley-Brewer took to Twitter to write: “I’m all in favour of removing protesters who are deliberately blocking roads but why did the police need to climb on board? Don’t they have a tow truck?”

We all enjoy a ruckus, but she does have a point.