Child murdering paedophile Colin Pitchfork freed from prison

The child murdering paedophile Colin Pitchfork has today been freed from prison after serving thirty three years of a so-called life sentence.

This website reported in July how the release of the sick monster had been confirmed after a judge-led review rejected a challenge lodged by the Justice Secretary Robert Buckland.

Now Pitchfork has officially been released from prison and could be walking the streets of Britain as you read this article – tagged with an electronic ankle bracelet, barred from menacing the families of his victims, and facing restrictions on his personal internet usage.

The Ministry of Justice have expressed their “heartfelt sympathies” with the families of Pitchfork’s victims and have insisted that “he is subject to some of the strictest licence conditions ever set and will remain under supervision for the rest of his life.”

Pitchfork raped and strangled schoolgirl Lynda Mann to death in 1983 while his baby son slept in the back seat of his nearby car. He then murdered schoolgirl Dawn Ashworth three years later in what was described as a “brutal sexual assault”.

The vile criminal was eventually snared by police thanks to the pioneering use of DNA evidence, with Pitchfork pleading guilty to his sadistic crimes in 1987.

But in a decision that shocked the public, he was cleared for release by the Parole Board in June – with the Chief Executive of the Parole Board Martin Jones being honoured with a CBE just days after the warped ruling.

“Well it was on the books that he was going to be released, but I don’t think he should be breathing the same air as us” said Dawn Ashworth’s mother Barbara.

“It goes without saying that life should have meant life in his case, because he said he was guilty of the offences, the murders of both the girls… and he did a lot more besides.”