Record number of foreign criminals on Britain’s streets

The number of foreign criminals released from prison but not deported has skyrocketed by 176 per cent in the last decade with nearly 11,000 migrant criminals roaming Britain’s streets.

Latest Home Office figures reveal that 10,882 foreign offenders have been released from jail up to June, all of whom have been subject to a deportation order following a custodial sentence of 12 months or greater, but have not been deported back to their own country after release.

The total is up by 1,500 on last year alone with the latest revelation likely to heap even more pressure on Priti Patel and her department which is already in hot water over its failure to contain the migrant crisis rapidly evolving in the English Channel.

The figures, first reported by the MailOnline show that 4,000 migrant criminals have remained in Britain for between one to five years since their release, whilst another 3,000 have managed to fight deportation and stay in the UK despite being released more than five years ago.

Commenting on the bombshell figures, leader of the Reform Party Richard Tice said: “Foreign criminals should all be deported at the end of prison sentence. No ifs, no buts. Weak Home Office & weak⁩ Priti Patel failing again … Huge cost to taxpayers and ongoing risk to citizens.”

David Spencer, of the Centre for Crime Prevention think-tank, told MailOnline: “These numbers are staggering and deeply disconcerting for law-abiding British citizens.

“We were told that Brexit would make it easier for us to control our borders and remove foreign criminals but these numbers show this clearly isn’t the case yet. 

“It is time for concerted action from the Home Office to ensure that the laws are in place to ensure that the overwhelming majority of foreign criminals are deported from the UK at the end of the sentence.”

Deportation enforcement has proven to be a significant Achilles’ heel for the Home Office in recent years, with confirmation also on Wednesday that not a single Channel migrant has been deported from Britain this year, despite a record number of arrivals.

Over 12,500 migrants have arrived via the Channel so far this year, but officials have blamed Brexit for a lack of bilateral agreements with European neighbours to send migrants back, despite the government having five years to negotiate alternative arrangements prior to Britain’s withdrawal from the EU.

Conservative MPs have begun to turn on the Home Office, calling for an Australian-style approach of turning boats away and preventing migrants from landing on Britain’s shores in the first place.

Natalie Elphicke, the Dover MP, said: “If migrants motoring across the Channel in small boats know they can stay in the UK even when they have no legal right to do so, then they will keep on coming, and in greater numbers. That’s what is happening.

“If other countries aren’t playing their part in returns, we must make sure the boats don’t get here in the first place,” she added.