Crazed illegal migrant threatened cops with knife pulled from anus

Police officers in France have warned about the danger to their lives posed by desperate illegal migrants after a Moroccan national pulled a knife from his anus during a body search and pointed it at cops.

One police group has declared that French cops “have increasingly been the target of hostile behaviour and aggression by foreigners in an irregular situation” who fear imminent deportation.

The disturbing report from French news site Actu reveals how immigration cops in Occitanie stopped the migrant at Perpignan station and carried out pat-downs after discovering he was subject to several warrants.

They subsequently took him to a private space to carry out a more thorough search of his person, at which point he declared he wanted to end his own life.

He went on to flash his genitals at female staff and spit on them in an outburst deemed “very aggressive” by one officer, before pulling a knife out of his anus and threatening to end his own life. Amid the chaos, he pointed the blade at the police officers present and endangered their lives.

Responding to the threat, officers shot the migrant with a taser but failed to subdue him, at which point he turned the disgustingly concealed implement on himself and stabbed his own abdomen three times.

“In recent years, our colleagues have increasingly been the target of hostile behaviour and aggression by foreigners in an irregular situation ready to do anything to avoid their deportation or placement in an administrative detention center” said a spokesman for a French police group, the¬†Alliance Police Nationale 66.

It comes after this website reported in April how a crazed migrant knifeman shouted “Allahu Akbar” and slashed the throat of a female police officer in Rambouillet, France.

And in June roughly 300 migrants attacked police in Calais with a range of weapons including iron bars and sticks, with at least seven officers being injured in the savage beatdown.