Over 1,000 illegal immigrants in ONE DAY as Channel crisis continues

Over 1,000 illegal immigrants have arrived on British shores via the English Channel for the very first time, as the pressure mounts on Home Secretary Priti Patel and Boris Johnson to take back control of the ensuing crisis.

The crossings had been temporarily halted for a fortnight, not due to the efforts of the French authorities who have received millions in British taxpayer cash to stem the flow, but simply by the weather.

But as temperatures rose and brought with them fairer sailing conditions, dozens of migrant dinghies could be spotted heading for the south east coast of Britain, with hundreds of migrants filmed being brought to shore by UK Border Force in addition to multiple reports of beach landings across Kent on Monday.

Even armed police were spotted attending to some arrivals, as hundreds of men, women and children – but mostly men – were picked up by authorities.

The four-figure daily record, based on witness sightings collated by Sky News, comfortably beats the previous record of 828 illegals on August 21.

In a shocking sign that numbers are accelerating consistently, it marks the fifth new record in less than two months with 592 arriving on 12 August, 482 arriving on 4 August, and 430 arriving on 19 July.

Close to 14,000 undocumented migrants have now reached Britain in 2021, fast approaching double last year’s tally of 8,417.

Boris Johnson was pressed on the ongoing crisis in the Channel in the House of Commons on Monday, as MPs returned to Westminster follow the summer recess.

Redcar MP Jacob Young suggested that Britain’s ability to accommodate Afghans was being strained by the “continuing uncontrolled illegal migration on the English Channel”, to which Mr Johnson replied: “My honourable friend is completely right and, of course, the issue is that very sadly I think our friends across the Channel in France are faced with a very difficult problem.

“A large number of people want to come to this country, and we are doing everything we can to encourage the French to do the necessary and impede their passage.

“But I know the Home Secretary is working right around the clock to ensure that we not only encourage the French to stiffen their sinews and stop people making the journey, but we use every possible tactic available to us as well.”

The Home Office is yet to comment on today’s figures.